Foot Care

East Texas Primary Care has
Level II and Level III
certified foot care specialists
consisting of registered nurses
and nurse practitioners
trained to care
for routine and medical
foot care problems
in the comfort of your home.

Foot Care Services Available

  • Treatment of toenails (trimming & buffing)
  • Corn and callus reduction
  • Partial ingrown toenail removal
  • Toenail fungus treatment
  • Athletes foot treatment
  • Diabetic foot exams



Nail cutting, trimming, filing, and buffing

Calluses and corn reduction



Thick nail reduction, trimming, and buffing

Calluses and corn removal

Fungal nail treatment

* Soaking feet available for additional $15 with Basic and Advanced Care options.

Insurance and Payment Information

For diseased feet with appropriate medical diagnoses, we accept most major insurances and can bill accordingly for services. For diseased feet, insurance will cover foot care every 3 months and diabetic exams every 6 months. 

For patients without insurance or lacking appropriate medical diagnoses for reimbursement, cash pay prices are listed above. 

Cash pay group pricing is available for nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, and senior care centers for groups of 10 or more people for basic foot care. 

Please all our office for further questions or inquiries 936-671-9992